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Starting with ProctorExam
Understand the basic settings of ProctorExam and get started with your environment. 
Monitoring a session on ProctorExam
Read more on the different proctoring and invigilation process offered by ProctorExam.
Candidates' real-time support
Access the knowledge base and  get started with Tawk.to, our chat support provider.
Data Privacy
ProctorExam’s highest priorities is our users’ needs for data privacy and security. You'll find answers about our policies and approach to privacy as a proctoring provider.
Technical Q&A
Find all questions addressed for integrating ProctorExam with other learning tools.
Creating a new session on ProctorExam
Get all relevant information to create an exam and invite candidates. 
Accessing reports and closing a session
Learn more about the functionalities and options to administer a test once ended.
Corporate and partners documentation
Download privacy & security documentation along with useful marketing materials.
Communication for candidates and faculty members
Download information kits to facilitate communication to candidates and colleagues.
Live Proctoring
Learn more about the functionalities and options on Live Proctoring and Record&Review


I forgot my credentials. How can I reset my password?
Resetting your password on ProctorExam is simple.

On the login panel, click on "Forgot my password?"
In the new window, enter the email address you used for registration. And click on "Reset password".
You will then receive an email with a link to click on to continue with the process. 
As you click on the link provided in the email, a new window in your browser will open.
Enter your new password and re-enter it in the second field to confirm your choice. Then click on "Change my password" to proceed.

Password requirements
ProctorExam requires a password to be at least 8 characters long.
It must contain both upper and lower case letters.
It must contain one or more number.
It must contain one character which is neither a number or a letter.
Example : *_Val1dP4ssw0rd_* 
What are the security options available on ProctorExam to monitor a test taker?
Candidates are monitored through the following streams:
- screen-sharing of the exam taker's computer
- recording of exam sessions via a web camera and mobile camera
- recording of the audio activity in a candidate environment
- recording of browsing activity during the time of the session.
Is ProctorExam compatible with any test support, from computer-based test to pen and paper?
On the top of url and LTI integrations, ProctorExam provides an 'upload documents' feature which is used in the context of a pen and paper-based exam.

At the end of the test, candidates are required to scan and upload their answers which are then made available in ProctorExam Back-office for the institution to download and grade.