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Can test takers be monitored in real-time outside of live proctoring?

Whether a test is taken through Live Proctoring or Record&Review, real-time candidate monitoring is always available, at an individual level, for support staff to address and guide the candidates through any technical issue that can be faced through the “students administration page”.

Each candidate has an individual support link - available in the exam administration section and also linked to real-time chat support.

It displays for a given candidate all available streams to monitor, relevant test information including mobile QR code if applicable, and device-specific information to quickly spot and fix the source of a technical issue if it arises. To access the "Support" page of each student:

Step 1

Open the administration panel.

Step 2

Select the test from the 'Open Exams' and click on "Manage" on the students section.

Step 3

Click on the candidate's name and open the individual support page.

Step 4

Invigilate the candidate through the support page.