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How to access a session report?

Within 24 hours after the end of the test, the session recordings are made available for reviewers and administrators of the organisation.

Administrators also authenticate with their individual set of credentials on the dedicated back-office to access sessions recordings and reports.

Step 1

Click on the “Back office” panel to access the list of the tests taken on ProctorExam. 

Step 2

Each line will include an overview of the session, including attendance and reviewing status. Click on the relevant test to access the full report.

Step 3

As a specific test is opened, a more detailed report is made available, covering more granular data in terms of overall attendance, incidents and time spent in the test.
The bottom section provides an exhaustive list of the candidates registered to attend, with their attendance status along with the one of their recordings.

A colour code signals on the right hand-side candidates requiring attention - yellow and red signalling a suspicion of fraud.

Click on a specific candidate to access the full report about this particular test taker.   

Step 4

As for a reviewer, the page is split in several sections, with time-stamped incidents described as well as the candidate browsing history during the test that has automatically been recorded through the ProctorExam technical solution, and the communications with the proctor during the session (if applicable). 
You can review the recorded streams, at normal pace, slowed down 0.5x or fast forwarded 2x, 4x or 6x.

Streams can also be displayed full-screen for more scrutiny, and downloaded.

By clicking on the incidents raised by proctors or reviewers, you'll be directly redirected to the relevant segments of the recordings.