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How to create a new test session?

Users with 'Administrator' and 'Teacher' role are able to access and open the administration panel where they are going to be able to create new test sessions on ProctorExam.

Step 1

After logging into your environment, open the ‘Administration’ panel on the portal.

Step 2

Select the type of exam that you’d like to create. 

Step 3

Start by defining the basic information about the exam such as:
- Name
- First and Last start time - it will create a time frame during which candidate can start and access their test
- Duration of the exam.

In this first section, you'll also have the option to include the mobile camera, so the students can be monitored from 3 different perspectives. The second camera is optional but highly recommended to create a 360° viewing platform of the candidate’s environment.
If test takers are requested to upload any documents at the end of the exam - in the event of a pen and paper test for example - you can select this option at this stage of the session creation.

Once done, click on "Next step".

Step 4

In this second panel, you will fill out information that will be presented to candidates and also be used by reviewers and or proctors to monitor the session.

Those information are relative to what is allowed and not allowed for the candidates during the test.

You can for example decide if students can visit external pages and/or to use an external application. If allowed, then please specify what external websites and application the students can use.
Additional materials such as books, pen and paper or a calculator can also be defined as allowed materials.

If you select any of these options, the candidate will be requested to present them on screen before starting the test. 

Once completed, click on "Next step".

Step 5

In this last step of the session set up, you will define the instructions that will be shown to candidates to start their test.

You can include login credentials and the link towards an external test platform, upload documents to be used by test takers during their exam or use the i-frame option offered by ProctorExam for a seamless experience for the candidates.  

Once filled out, click on "Next step" to move to the candidate invitation panel. 

Step 6

Inviting candidates can be done right after setting up a test session or later on, as candidates registrations are confirmed.

Registration can be done one by one, by using the individual fields available or by bulk, by importing a csv file.

If you decide to register candidate one by one, first type the name, email address and individual information of a test taker that should attend the exam and then click on the ‘Add student’ button to add more candidates to the list.

If you decide to upload an existing csv file, please ensure that the file contains 3 columns in the following order: name, email address and individual information. Click on ‘Import Student List’ button and select the relevant file on your computer to continue.

Step 7

Click then on ‘Send emails’ for the candidates to receive an email with the relevant exam details and to start the testing procedure.

At all time, you can come back to this panel, add more candidates and send individual invitations.