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How to provide native translation or change your candidates instructions?

As a “Administrator”, you might sometimes need for test takers to take their exams in different languages.

When this happens, you might want to use our feature – ProctorExam Localize - so you can help your candidates to take exams in other languages, with translations or instructions that are closer to the experience you would like to provide.

ProctorExam Localize is available at an Institute and Exam level meaning that you can decide on different experiences for different exams.

Step 1

And let’s first begin from going to the drop-down manual on upper-right corner, hit Settings:

Step 2

Select the Translations section on the left hand side of your screen to open the following screen: 
The “default locale” will be an extract, in real time, of the instructions provided to candidates on their front-end ProctorExam experience.

Step 3 (Premium)

Click on the arrow to download the file (yml format) in the default language, English. 

After you’re done with yml file, upload it by using to “Choose file” button then click “Upload”.
Once uploaded, click on “Exam languages” to define where you would like this version to apply, on specific exams or across your entire institution and then click Save.
Candidates will then be able to select, from the languages set-up for their exam, the most relevant version through the drop-down located on the upper-left hand corner.
NB: If only one yml file is uploaded, it will become the default language available for the candidates.
Get your YML file