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How to retrieve session URL from back-office?

As a “Administrator” or a “Teacher”, you might sometimes encounter the situation that the students or test takers do not get the email to link to the exam. When this happens, you might want to retrieve session URL from the back-office, so you can help your students or test takers to get into the sessions easily.
Here is how to get the session URL:

Step 1

When you are in the ProctorExam Raftel environment, choose the Administration icon on the most up and left hand side of the screen.

Step 2

Then you will see on the most left column, under the “Open Exams” item, different names of the test takers. Pick the specific name of your student that requested to reach the exam without email. 

Step 3

On the right, there is a “Manage” button, hit the button. 

Step 4

Then you would see the screen below, hit the sign on the right. 

Step 5

Then you would see the screen below, here you can see the Session URL pop up on the screen, copy it and mail it to your student, then the student can start the exam from here.