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Live proctoring services

What is live proctoring?

Live Proctoring is the closest experience to a traditional test center exam: The proctor will be in charge of assessing the candidate’s identity and to interact with the test taker along with the exam session.

What do ProctorExam’s proctors do?

- ID verification
- Supervise environment check
- Check allowed resources
- Flag suspicious behavior
- Document suspicious behavior
- Notify the test taker upon suspicious behavior
- Flag technical issue
- Document technical issues.
- Notify the test taker upon a technical issue
- Redirect technical questions to technical support.

What do ProctorExam’s proctors not do?

- Answer exam related questions
- Troubleshoot technical issues
- Supervise a paper exam

What can you ask to ProctorExam’s proctors?

- Make sure that additional resources (draft paper) is destroyed at the end of the exam.
- You can customize the emergency wording (e.g. “please contact your institution at example@email.address”)
- Conclude an exam session (allow the test taker to finish the exam/ leave exam room).

What can’t be asked to ProctorExam’s proctors?

- Supervise a paper exam
- Contact the institution (directly)
- Supervise an exam with an entrance exam window of more than 30 minutes.
- Invigilate an exam session of more than 4 hours
- Give access to an external test application platform
- Allow and document (toilet) breaks.

How to book a proctoring session?

Follow this link and fill in all necessary information:


Note that 4 candidates are the minimum amount of candidates in order to have a session live proctored by our team.