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Monitoring a session on ProctorExam

Whether using Live Proctoring or Record&Review, get all the practical details to supervise candidates.


Can security steps be customised?
Currently, security checks and steps to undertake before starting a test are not customisable. All customisation options are available in our API documentation.
How can a proctor interact with a candidate?
The interaction between a proctor and the candidate happens via the chat window which is available in at the bottom right corner of the candidate browser.
Can candidates be assigned to a specific proctor?
Candidates are only allocated randomly to a specific proctor, according to the ratio defined at the beginning at the test. 

How to change the ratio of test takers per proctor?
The maximum number of candidates can be defined manually in the proctor panel prior to the exam. This option is available by clicking on the button ‘Max Students’.  

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