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Technical Q&A

Here you can find all relevant information regarding technical integration of ProctorExam
When to go for an LTI integration or API integration? What are the benefits of both approaches?
There is a difference between the two in what they will accomplish. With the LTI integration, you will create a more seamless interaction for your students with the ProctorExam platform. You are able to link quizzes or tests on your LMS to an exam on ProctorExam. Setting it up is a matter of minutes.

The API integration will allow you more control over the user experience though. You are able to dictate the user path the student takes between your scheduling, LMS, and testing applications. You will also be able to customize more of the communication.


What are the use cases supported by ProctorExam LTI?
ProctorExam is ready to use for the 2 possible cases in term of LTI:

- An external platform consuming ProctorExam's LTI: integrated as part of a LMS for example, this use case enables an independent activity, corresponding to the exam, to appear directly in the candidate’s learning environment. The candidate only has to click to open automatically a new window in browser and follow the verification steps indicated on the screen.

- ProctorExam consuming an external platform LTI: : integrated as part of a LMS to continue with the previous example, as the candidate completes the security checks (ID, room scanning, etc), the test taker is presented the questions set for the exam in the same browser window, fully integrated into the remote monitoring interface and without redirection. 
Is there documentation available regarding LTI integration?
Please click on the relevant use-case to access the relevant documentation:
- ProctorExam as a tool consumer
- ProctorExam a a tool provider with a video explainer
How is ProctorExam OAuth signature generated?
ProctorExam creates a signature according to OAuth specification protocol, by using the key and secret. Please contact us if you'd like to receive an example. 
In the context of ProctorExam as a tool consumer, what are the information to include in the launch request?
In the context of ProctorExam as a tool consumer, the following information are to be sent with the launch request (in separate fields):
- E-mail
- First name
- Last name
- UserId 
- Context_id
- Resource_link_id

Please refer to the full documentation for more information.
Can ProctorExam experience be i-framed?
At this stage, ProctorExam doesn't support i-framing. When used as a tool provider, "LTI launch target” has to be set as “new window”.
LMS Integration Scheme
1. LMS (Brightspace/Moodle/Blackboard,..) -> LTI Connection -> Integration App -> Rest Api -> ProctorExam ProctorExam
2. ProctorExam -> REST API -> Integration App -> Rest Api of each LMS (Brightspace/Moodle/Blackboard, etc.)  


Where can I find ProctorExam API documentation?
ProctorExam API documentation is available and updated on the following section.  
Is there a possibility to influence the sending of mails? Can we change the text? Can we localize e-mails in different languages? 
This can happen in the case of API integration. We allow you to:
1. Disable emails sent from our platform and
2. Deliver links to the Check Requirements and Exam Room through your own system.
How does a typical API integration look like?
Register a callback URL in the Advanced Settings page, this will allow you to receive events related to your test takers POST /exams/ to create exam for each of your relevant exams Student registers for an exam on your platform, pays for the exam, provides detail etc.

POST /exams/add_student with details for the test taker. It will return token Send test taker link to Check Requirements with your own email, or trigger email with POST /exams/<:id>/send_emails

Listen on the registered callback URL for the "check_requirements_complete" event Send test taker link to Exam room with your own email, if you haven't disabled emails, one will automatically be sent The test taker will be able to take the exam.
How can it be ensured that the API keeps working when code changes on your side are implemented?
We support our old API versions, and make sure any changes we make are backwards compatible. We also aim to provide a sufficient notice to our partners before a significant change is pushed live.
What are the status available through the API in order to identify the progression of the candidate in the proctoring experience?
To know the status of the candidate, the request should be GET /exams/id/show_student 

Status returned can be as follow (the one in bold signalling that the candidate is under monitoring):

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