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What are the functionalities available for proctors and invigilators?

The following section highlights the functionalities offered by 'Proctor' panel for a Live Proctored exam.

Number of students

The number of candidates to monitor can range from 1 to 13 and is defined by the test organiser. The number can be changed by clicking on the 'Max Students' button.

Student containers

The biggest student container in the panel is called the Jumbotron and displays an “active candidate” with all available streams: webcam, mobile (if applicable), computer screen. 

The smaller containers below the Jumbotron belong to other candidates.

They contain icons of the streams, chat and also an audio icon.

These containers show one stream at a time, which can be rotated by clicking on the other available icons to allow the proctor to observe the test taker from another perspective.

Rotation of students

Rotation between candidates happens automatically every 7 seconds for the proctor to spend an equal time of observation between test takers.

The proctor can also click on a specific candidate to bring him to the active panel in the event a particular activity requiring more attention.

Audio Monitoring

Additionally, all candidates have a dedicated VU-meter signalling visually any change in the audio level of the test takers’ environment. 


Another visual help is the “Status” light, indicating with a simple colour-code if the candidate could be experiencing an issue. 


Incidents that could occur during a test are documented and signalled by the proctor using the dedicated section.

Detailed incident reports including recordings and incidents descriptions are then made available to the test organiser so a decision regarding the validity of the session can be made. 

Chat messages

At all time during the test, the candidate can interact with his proctor through the chat panel located at the bottom right of his test page.

Using that same chat panel, the proctor can interact at all time with the candidate.


As the candidate completes his session, the proctor is requested to file his report on the candidate by clicking on the “Click here to review” button.

This review request will remain on screen as long as required so the proctor can complete his monitoring of the other candidates without interruption.