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What are the functionalities available for reviewers?

Fast-forwarded review

During the review, streams can be replayed at a normal pace, slowed down 0.5x or fast-forwarded 2x, 4x or 6x.

Streams can also be displayed full-screen for more scrutiny. When reviewers have to watch multiple videos, this function will make their task be completed in an easier and quicker way, but also they have the chance to slow down certain moments that they find suspicious in the student's behaviour.

Time-stamped incidents

Review the recorded video streams, place time-stamped incidents if needed. It will provide the test organiser with details and specific sections that have been flagged as suspicious.

Reviewers can choose from default incidents that are available in the drop-down list under the video container.

These default incidents are: Internet dropped, webcam or mobile camera failed, the student is talking.

Also, reviewers can submit any kind of incidents they notice during the reviewing process,  instead of choosing from the list they simply just have to start typing in the box below the video container.

Recorded browser activity

Student's browsing activity available for the reviewers so they will be able to check whether the student visited the allowed external pages.

In case the students visited not allowed external pages, reviewers can mark this activity as a time-stamped incident. 

Restricted Access

Through a set of permissions options, access to candidates ID information can be restricted to only specific users so a high-level of confidentiality towards the test takers sensitive personal data can be applied.

Those personal data are also stored independently from the video streams making it therefore possible to administer recordings and ID details separately, and sessions can easily be anonymised.

As a reviewer with ID-access restriction, the general reviewing panel will include the following information: candidate reference number, institute name, start time and available streams.