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What settings are available on the platform?

Exam Reports

Within this section, you will find an overview of all created exams within a specific institute.

Access all information relative to the number of exams that have been created in that given month, along with the type of the exam (ClassRoom, Record and Review and Live Proctoring). 
Reports can be downloaded - in PDF or CSV formats - per individual exam, all-exams per week, and all-exams per month.

By scrolling down the list, you'll have the option to set up periodical (daily, weekly or monthly) reports about taken exams which will be sent to you automatically by email with a PDF document. 

Manage Users

In this section, Administrators will find a list of existing users on the platform with 4 columns - Name, Email, Role, Status.

Adding or deleting a user can also be done directly from this interface. Simply enter the relevant email address and specify the associated role to invite a new person to your ProctorExam environment. 

Exam languages

ProctorExam includes an automated translating feature to provide a choice of languages to your candidates.

Select the languages you would like to make available to the students: system set-up and the check requirements before the exam session will be automatically translated in the language chosen by the candidate.

Student emails

Different default emails are set up as part of the ProctorExam experience.

In this Settings option, you will be able to enable or disable any of those communication in the event you are using your own customised emails via API Integration
Initial Email: after adding students to an exam and clicking 'Send emails' (in Administration), a first email is sent, providing instructions to do a system setup. This setup should be done at least 24 hrs prior to the actual exam so technical issues can be addressed ahead of the assessment time.

Reminder Email: when the student has not yet done the system check a day before the exam starts, they receive an email reminding them to do so. 

Exam Link: After completing the system test, students receive an email which contains the link to the exam, as well as an overview of what is and is not allowed during the exam.

Exam has changed: If the exam or students' first and/or last start time has been changed in the administration, and the student has not yet started their exam, they receive this email. Its purpose is simply to notify them of the changes.

Exam Completed: This email lets the student know they successfully finalised the exam session. Default e-mail includes a link to a feedback survey.

Advanced Settings

Customisation options such as logo, API token and Secret key can be found in the Advanced Settings section.

Additionally, URL and secret key for chat support integration will be added in this section (see Candidates' real time support section) along with settings information for LMS to integrate with an existing external test distribution platform.


Download the default locale file. Make the necessary changes to this file according to the instructions.. After saving your changes, upload it in the 'User Locales' section.