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Which emails are being sent to the students?

The emails at ProctorExam can be enable/disable on Settings - Student e-mails.

Initial e-mail: The first email will be sent to the candidate, providing instructions to do system setup. This setup should be done at least 24hrs prior to the actual exam so that we can solve any technical issues, should any arise.

Reminder email: When the student has not yet done the system checks a day before their exam starts, they receive an email that reminds them to do so. We ask students to do this 24hrs prior to their exam so that any technical system difficulties can be dealt with in time.

Exam link: After completing the system test, students receive an email that contains the link to the exam, as well as an overview of what is and is not allowed during the exam.

'Exam has changed' email: If the exam or students' first and/or last start time has been changed in the administration, and the student has not yet started their exam, they receive this email. Its purpose is simply to notify them of the changes.

Exam completed: This email lets the student know they successfully finalized the exam session. Our default e-mail includes a link to a feedback survey that we ask the students to fill in, but you're free to take this out.